MIR #4

So this week I feature an amazing young artists who goes by the name of MIR. They are from ny original home town SIN CITY(Las Vegas, NV.) When faced with darkness in their life MIR has consistently found a light in art, even when the light was almost nothing. The style of art is very rough and urban, but also present and in the moment. Almost like watching someone tag a mural. Without further ado I will let the work speak for itself; here is…

The Beast

Tempation. False pleasures. The beast. Don’t wake the sleeping giant. We all have the beast inside that waits for your weakest moments. It’s deceiving, and wants one more chance. It says, it will be different this time. It cares. A brand new opportunity, but it lies. It won’t be different. Welcome back to misery. It loves your company.

Break Free

Break free from the beast. Run and don’t look back. The past cannot be changed. Stay in your gift….the present. Do what you love, don’t make eye contact with the beast. There is no love where you used to lie with the beast. Use your passion for greatness. Inspire others to fight the beast. Knock that fucker out, let it sleep, and don’t wake it up.

In the words of this artist,” Art Saves Lives. LIVE, LOVE, CREATE.”
If you would like to contact them for additional projects all information is below:
Email: mirpaintz@gmail.com
IG: mirpaintz

As always if you would like to be featured on my blog the contact information is under “Contact Me”.

PLUR Regards

Tyler Hurt




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