Lee #2

I am honored to have worked with the very talented Lee Vandergrift. I was able to work with him on his From Behind. He currently has two projects in the works: The Beard Envy Project, which the photography aspect of it is completed and is being published into a coffee table book and the From Behind project, photographing men’s bums.This will also be made into a coffee table book. He reflects the fun-loving, vibrant Florida lifestyle into all of his work. Born & raised in Central Florida Lee decided to cultivate his passion for the arts by attending the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. He majored in Illustration with a minor in Photography. His IG page is filled with pictures of his work, his partner, Tim, & their two adorable fur babies, Gus & Sophia. As always links are below. Thanks as always.!



If you would like to be featured on this blog use the Contact Me tab above; it has all my direct contact info. Im willing to work with any kind of artist, this is to show case your work. 🙂


Contact Lee via his website or his personal IG page:

Website: www.leevandergrift.com

IG: @leeartguy



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