Calvin Hawk #1

I am so proud to introduce Calvin Hawk as my first featured artist. His work is simply amazing, and he pulls inspiration from various different shows. He has been hand selected to work with RAW Artists for a showcasing next week. He is an up and coming cartoonist. Give his IG page a follow, or simply like some of his pictures. If you have any questions for him directly his IG info is below or simply leave a comment. Thanks.! 🙂

One of the reasons I really started to love drawing: Dragonball Z
The red ranger is the leader of every group, as I want to be the leader of my own destiny: Many faces of RED Ranger
One of my longest standing inspiration: Beetleborgs
Dexter enticed me to add a deeper level to my art by adding additional shapes, contouring, etc.: Dexters Laboratory

If you would like to be featured on this blog contact me at anytime. The contact tab above has all my info as well as hyperlinks to my IG directly. Enjoy.! 🙂 #SunflowerItUp


Artist: Calvin Hawk


IG: @hawkboijr



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