Little things… 

The little things always mater. No one likes to blame the little things. No one likes to take he blame. Well you know what… I’m tired of these games.  
It’s the moments we don’t talk about. It’s the times we store away. It’s the thoughts we almost forgot. They add up. Slowly but surely you spiral down a deep, dark hole. There are no footholds to help you out. No ladder being thrust down. No voices you can hear. 
Simply silence. It engulfs you. Darkness becomes you. Hatred cradles you like a sleeping baby. 
This past week I’ve watched the show “13 reasons why”. Before I even stated the show I looked at others reactions. Some making fun of the presentation of the show, others being triggered emotionally. I didn’t think I would be either. I thought my memories of the past were simply that “Memories of the Past”. 
Without giving any spoilers, the show is about a high school girl that commits suicide. She was severely bullied in a small town where everyone knows each other. Rumors were spread, friendships destroyed, and surprise always happen. Hannah (girl who commits suicide) sends out 13 tapes telling her portion of truth. Her “13 Reasons Why”. 
While I don’t believe in blaming ANYONE for doing such a selfish action. This show has definitely trigger some major emotional thoughts for me recently, so with that being said I’d like to tell you a story…
PLUR Regards,


Tyler Hurt



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