I hate you for loving him. I hate you for needing him. I hate you because you are you. I HATE you. 
There is so much self hate it hurts. My brain tells me to not say those things, but in my heart it’s what I feel. 
I can forgive, but will never forget. 
That statement doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to myself. Instead I should say I can forgive everyone else for their wrong doings, but will never allow myself to forget the pain I let them cause. 
I hate you for being weak. I hate you for being different. I hate you for feelin small. I HATE you. 
If there was a stronger word then hate I would use it. Body dismorphia doesn’t seem to cut it. I miss being on massive amounts of drugs because at least then I hated myself a bit less. Well that’s not entirely true. 
I was just too high all the time to know that I hated myself. I gave my body away for drugs, alcohol, money, and the need to feel loved. I thought that someone else could love me past my self hate. 
I now know that isn’t true. I now know that tears must be shed. I now know that this must be written. This is a constant reminder of where I am today. Tomorrow I will look back at this and get a bit better. 
So yea, I hate you, but…
PLUR regards, 


Tyler Hurt



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