A fair warning

For the next few weeks I will be writing letters to myself. I’ve noticed since writing this blog my anexity has gone down quite a bit. Writing has been a good outlet for everything that goes on in my head. I’ve ALSO noticed that my last few posts have been very underwhelming. 
Well I stopped writing for my self. I started writing to gain followers. I continued to let myself be influenced by others. This caused a spiral of writing for the masses, perpetual self doubt, and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to just shut down. 
I’ve decided I’m going to fight back. Well more like fight me for me. I’m in a war within myself. I’ve won small battles up to this point, but this war HAS got to come to an end. 
I’m talking to you anexity and depression. I’m talking to you self hate. I’m talking to you addiction. I’m talking to you belittling nature. I’m talking to YOU. 
The fight is on and I WONT lose. 
PLUR regards,

Tyler Hurt 



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