“What’s your biggest opportunity?”
“I would say my biggest opportunity is I’m too honest, some would even say; honest to a fault.” 
I know we have all been thru job interviews and been asked that question at least once. That’s my typical answer, but it’s a very true statement. It pains me to be dishonest. 
I see honesty as a very black and white matter. Either your telling the truth or your not. For as honest as I am with the people around me about the things they do wrong; I cant seem to be honest with myself.
A few weeks ago I had my first drink since the start of the new year at a rave style event. It was called Life In Color. While I was honest about my drinking at that event; I haven’t been honest about the situations that have passed since then. 
While I still haven’t touched tabacco, caffeine, or drugs of any kind; I have ingested a few drinks. Nothing crazy, but had one or two drinks when I would go out to karaoke, dinner, etc. This past Saturday I attended an event where it felt as if I was back to my old self. 
“Sobering up” is teaching me a lot. So far I’ve learned I can live a sober lifestyle, I CAN have fun without extra substance, & I CAN do anything I put my mind too. With that being said I make a new pledge to myself, and to my followers. I promise not to over indulge in alcohol, to follow my dreams(no matter how crazy they may seem), and to continue being mostly sober(no caffeine, tabacco, or drugs). 
My most important pledge is too all those in heaven watching down on me. I pledge to continue to be happy, and spread happiness in my own way. My petals will continue to touch the souls and hearts of everyone I can reach. I will no longer be casting a shade over myself or others in my life. I want to band together with people of all backgrounds and spread a positive message always. 
Remember guys use the hashtag below to join in this positive movement. Share your story with me I’d love to be a voice for the voiceless. Will only share if you tell me too. 🙂 
PLUR regards,

Tyler Hurt 



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