Acceptance starts with ourselves. You must acknowledge and accept who you are before you can accept anyone else. I’ve done a lot of self reflection this week and realized I don’t fully accept myself. 
For so long now I’ve dumbed myself down, made myself less than, and even agreed with people who told me I wasn’t worthy. I did it just so I can fit in. I believed that I couldn’t find love unless I was dumb and cute. Good looking people CANT be smart, so I must be dumb. 
I truly believed it. I still believe it. 
My last relationship only furthered those thoughts. I was stuck inside of a role that I didn’t want to play. The “dumb housewife” role; while it was fun for a while it only continued the debilitating thoughts that I was simply stupid. 
Vegas taught me how to stand on my own two feet, and to survive no matter what the situation. Orlando is teaching me that I don’t need to lower myself in order to fit in. In past posts it seems as though I’ve battled those demons and I’m ready to help others with the fight.
That’s not the case this time. 
Everyday I fight my own anxiety, depression, and myself. Accepting myself is just another fight in the long war of truly becoming a happy person. From this point forward I will no longer doubt myself, talk down about myself, or allow myself to accept toxic people in my life. 
I am SMART, I am BEAUTIFUL, & I am WORTH it. Keep your head up you beautiful souls and remember use the hashtag below so we can aid each other in this fight. 🙂 
Until next week,
PLUR regards


Tyler Hurt



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