Let It Go

In order to grow we must let go. Let go of the past, the future, and even our present. Let go of the fears, the disappointments, the hard time, the sacrifice. I’ve had a few reminders this week about that vey lesson. 
A few weeks ago I was randomly told to leave the place I had been renting a room. I had 5 days notice, no where to turn, and frankly just couldn’t fight anymore. I had been planning on leaving this place in a few months anyways, but a higher being shown me to a different path. Instead of getting angry and pushing back I simply accepted this new path and so far it turned out to be a good choice. 
Over the last few months I’ve been going thru my “memories” that pop up on Facebook and deleting a lot of them. Some I delete because I don’t want to be reminded of how fucked up I was, but most I delete because I’ve let the anger go. 
I’ve held on to my past for so long that it’s destroyed past relationships, friendships, job opportunities. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel anything other than anger. I HAD to push myself, had to prove “them” wrong, had to make “her” proud. 
I decided to take on 2017 completely sober for myself. Im sharing my story as part of the process, but I’m not sharing this story to prove anything to anybody. 
Long story short I had a crazy child hood. If you want to call it that. I grew up faster than I needed, forced to see things I shouldn’t, stepped up more than I wanted. I was 8 going on 18. All I knew is I had to get out. I did exactly that. I got out in the physical sense, but in the emtional sense I was trapped for many more years. 
In the last two years I’ve repaired some relationships, I’ve let go of some, grown with some, and started new ones.
Life is all about growth. My biggest accomplishment to date isn’t my sobriety, nor me moving across country. It has been my ability to realize the need to let go of the pain, to let go of the people that are toxic, to simply “LET IT GO”
As always I’d love to hear your stories, see your growth, and join your journey. Message me via FB or IG, and use the hashtag below. I will NOT share your story unless you EXPLICITLY tell me I can. 🙂 

Until next week,
PLUR Regards


Tyler Hurt



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