Stop running

At 23 years old I’ve hooked up with countless people. I stopped counting after 250; after 50 the names were a blur; after 100 the faces were a blur. I’ve only met a few individuals that didn’t fade to black. 

In the gay men’s community there is an app called Grindr. It is filled with headless torsos, masc4masc, searching for now, & x-rated pictures. It’s common practice to send a quick message, and instantly have sex. Now Grindr isn’t the first website/app of its kind. There are quite a number of these websites/apps, but Grindr holds a special place in my phone memory. 
I can’t seem to get rid of it all together. I delete the damn app and find myself re downloading it a month or two later. I too am guilty of continuing the hook-up trend. However, I’ve recently found a person worth deleting the app for. 
He is smart, sexy, caring, relaxed, patient, and much more. I’m excited to see where this journey takes us in life. Our love is VERY new, but with all new loves it consumes your very life; what some may call “the hooneymoon period”. The bloosiming of new love feels good, yet scary. Anexity will set in soon and that’s when the real test will begin; for him and for me. 
I’m not running away from myself, from this feeling, from life anymore. 
If you ever want to talk, need some advice, or simply need a shoulder contact me via IG(the @ name is below) or FB. Similarly if your starting you own journey and want to share it with me use the hashtag below. 
Until next week, 
PLUR regards,

Tyler Hurt 



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