Messages From A Sunflower

I originally created this blog to act as an online diary. It has now transformed into something so much more. I aim to use this platform to spread a positive message thru the world via social media, blogging, my own personal touch. Thru 2018 I will be showcasing the journey of Messages From A Sunflower thru FB, & IG. I will also be doing monthly challenges that will be tracked thru my personal social media channels. I hope everyone is ready, and pumped for 2018 cause I know I am. The CONTACT ME page will be updated soon with new emails, hashtags, @ names etc so you can follow the journey/get involved.

Thanks for all your support.


Tyler Hurt



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I discovered at a lot in a little time. I discovered porn, sex, abuse, alcohol, drugs, guns, gangsters, drug dealers, pimps, money, but most importantly I discovered how I can never feel anything ever again.   I discovered the joys of hurting myself, taking away the emotional pain, by slicing the skin on my wrists. … Continue reading

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