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There is a famous quote from a movie about life. Well in all fairness there are ALOT of famous quotes from movies about life. The one I’m referring to is from Forrest Gump. Now I’ve never seen the movie in its entirety. It’s WAYYY to long, but I do know the quote. “Life is like … Continue reading K.

MIR #4

So this week I feature an amazing young artists who goes by the name of MIR. They are from ny original home town SIN CITY(Las Vegas, NV.) When faced with darkness in their life MIR has consistently found a light in art, even when the light was almost nothing. The style of art is very … Continue reading MIR #4

No mistakes

Hello all my beautiful flower children,hope you missed me. Let’s get a quick update on things going on in my life: I’ve identified my insecurities in a relationship. I’ve continued to pursue certain endeavors. I’ve gained more recognition at work. I’ve allowed myself the ability to fail. I’ve acknowledged destructive behaviors. But most importantly I’ve … Continue reading No mistakes

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